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    So far, nothing (I just purchased it a few weeks ago). However, the vehicle I just sold to my brother was highly performance modified...so I'll get there!

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  1. typeSH

    2.0 Knocks at mid throttle???

    Sounds like a rod knock. Have you tried using fully synthetic oil to try and dampen the noise?
  2. typeSH

    New to Forum

    I work in a dealer service department (I own a 2000 Prelude SH manual trans, and work at another make dealership!!). We charge about $95 US for the exact same servicing you are describing above-it sounds very high.
  3. Question for anyone with Honda technical knowledge...I'm having a problem where after driving (w/ the a/c on) for a while-I mean like 45 min+ - there is a creeking noise that develops from the front end when just about to a stop or when accelerating from a stop. Now, it does not happen at all when the vehicle is driven for a short time and does not happen until, literally, almost stopped or starting off from a dead stop (does not do it from a rolling stop). This is a 2000 type SH with about 76,000 miles (manual transmission). Any thoughts? -I think there is a TSB or this complaint and I can't find them for no charge online!! Thanks for any assistance!
  4. typeSH

    What is an SH prelude and....

    My first purchase into the Prelude world was a 2000 SH that I got this spring-what a fantastic vehicle! I would suggest the SH, I believe the Super Handling is a true statement. I have read a few different articles, including one that stated a 5th gen SH as being the best handling vehicle under $30,000! The ATTS is the major difference allowing (into a turn) the outside wheel to get most of the engine's torque and to spin it faster to help alieve the FWD 'plowing' problem in turns.
  5. typeSH

    AEM or Injen intake?

    That bypass valve it a great feature and wasn't available on the K&N setup I had on my last vehicle. How do you like the one on your Civic?
  6. typeSH

    AEM or Injen intake?

    I know the AEM has a bypass valve available to prevent hydrolock, but I didn't see that as part of an Injen setup?
  7. typeSH

    AEM or Injen intake?

    I've been reading about both the AEM and Injen cold air intakes. Anyone have any thoughts on which is the better way to go?
  8. typeSH

    2nd gear shift concern

    Thanks for the reply! It seems to only do in on upshift and, yes-if I lightly press it into gear and not force it at all, it will go into gear without "crunching" or "grinding." There's a little resistance, but it slides in with light pressure after about 3 seconds-only until it warms up and then shifts fine. Think starting with changing the fluid to see if there is any change?
  9. typeSH

    2nd gear shift concern

    Question-I have a concern where I get something I would describe as a "crunch" when going into 2nd gear. It only happens when the vehicle is cold (actually cold outside and engine/trans are not warmed up). It goes away after the vehicle gets to operating temperature. 2nd gear syncro? Also, if thoughts are the syncro-why only when it's cold? Checked fluid level and condition-good.
  10. typeSH

    weeeerd problem.

    willthiswork89 sounds right. it sounds like you are having an intermittant problem where the ignition switch ("module") is changing it's position from 'run' to 'accessory' which it turning off your engine but allowing the electronics to stay running.
  11. typeSH

    What could cause my car to run slowly?

    I agree with cranny, the NGK's are probably the best choice for plugs-the plat +4's are trash. Have you had a chance to try it out on a dry road yet?
  12. typeSH

    New to the Prelude, any advice?

    Oh my god, I don't even want to know how much the ATTS is to replace! Actually, since I purchased the Prelude, I don't think I've pushed it hard enough to have it engage yet-any idea what it feels like?
  13. typeSH

    New to the Prelude, any advice?

    Picts are a great idea! I will post some soon...
  14. typeSH

    New to the Prelude, any advice?

    craigslist.com is an interesting site. Have you purchased thigs from it? How was the purchase process if you have? Thanks for getting back to me, since I'm new to the site I appreciate the response!
  15. typeSH

    New to the Prelude, any advice?

    I love ebay and have gotten parts that way over the years! Thanks for responding-I'm becoming addicted to my Honda!

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