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    Humble, Texas
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    Speedskating, streetracing, and basketball.

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    1991 Honda CRX Si
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    AEM Cold Air Intake
    GReddy Exaust
  1. CompactRacerX

    we have been officially threatened..

    Say people, why you all gotta jump all over my homeboy vTrAcEr17? Ok so he said something a little out of key but crap, you all seem to of treated him like crap. Oh BTW he's really 19.
  2. CompactRacerX

    Launching A PWC.....

    Sorry, i could not delete, but the server is messed up at the moment, the pic wouldn't work, sorry.
  3. CompactRacerX

    LOL! Must See!

    Sing this with Eminem's "Hi My Name Is..." beat! "Hi kids, do you like 5 inch tips? Wanna see me stick chrome fender flares over each one of my Konigs? Wanna follow me and do exactly as i did? Try NAWS and get your motor fuked up worse then my life is? My brain's dead weight, I'm trying to get my head straight, but i can't figure out which sticker to put over my license plate. And the mechanic says "Rice Burner you's a crack head "Nu-uh" "Then why's your car dead man its wasted" Well since age 9 I've wanted an SI so i could put chrome 18's on it and make it run 16.9's. Got pissed off and ripped all my honda emblems off, And replaced them with "R" badges so people know im not soft. I smoke a big bowl of chron, and lay in my lawn, for longer then it took me to put my altezzas on. "Come here bastard" "Dude, wait a minute thats a viper dawg!" I don't give a fuk, i'll just fly by and put my hazards on!"
  4. CompactRacerX

    i got a new toy!!!

    That's tight! My cousin has a 20 ft. trampoline, and I can get pretty high on it!
  5. CompactRacerX

    Do You Think The Crx Should Have A Comeback?

    Where are you finding all that info vTrAcEr17? I gotta know!!!
  6. CompactRacerX

    Only On Ebay..

    LOL! That's some cRaZy ShYt!
  7. CompactRacerX

    I'm Getting A Element.........

    IM NOT MODIFYING THE ELEMENT! That's just gonna be my pimpin' bitch car. Im gonna fix up the rex still!
  8. CompactRacerX

    R.i.p. To Columbia Crew...

    I just wanted to tell everyone to take at leat 30 seconds of silence for the people on board the space shuttle.
  9. CompactRacerX

    I'm Getting A Element.........

    SEX MACHINE!!! Oh BTW vTrAcEr17, my buddy, I am still gonna modify the shyt ot of the REX!
  10. I have just made up my mind on a new car, and I am gonna get the new Honda Element! I am still gonna keep my CRX, but I won't be driving it for a while, due to the long rebuilding process. I want to make it one hell of a street demon, and I needed to buy a new car for my standard point A to point B travel. I am going to pick it up in 2 weeks, and I am really exited about it.
  11. CompactRacerX


    Whats going on, does anyone know why everything has been erased?
  12. CompactRacerX

    Rice & Rediculous 2 - (2fast2furious) Trailor

    Sorry people, but that's gonna be one hell of a movie, A Stang' GETS TOTALED! Nah for real, it might be ok....
  13. CompactRacerX

    Where Is Everyone From!!

    Houston, Texas Check out: www.houston-imports.com
  14. CompactRacerX


    Take my name off that damn list, I "used" to be in the forum when it first started, but I'm not "from" the forum. I'm 17 and I have a life besides playing with little toy cars, when I can modify a "real" one!
  15. CompactRacerX


    Yea I "was" on Modifiers forum last year! LOL! But yea, those kids are annoying. Little 12 year olds saying they have or are goign to get Nissan Skylines with "VTEC" engines, and "Spoon" mods. Poor kids only know that from Gran Turismo.

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