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    Fairview, TN
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    Hmmm... Interests.. Those would prolly have to be cars, more specifically Hondas... Fine women... Junk food... Anything on Fox on Sunday nite... Emergency medicine... Skating like the baller I am... Taking naked pictures of pretty ladies.... Oh and alcohol research, I'm big into that...
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    94 Civic Hatch
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  1. Kegger

    I am back!

    HAHA.jpeg And it has mostly died, though some of the OG's have been popping in of and on.
  2. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Swap all that stuff into a decent rolling shell, or fix the rust. Rust is easy to fix if you chase it all down and get it removed.
  3. Kegger

    92 civic cx stock

    A bigger motor, or a faster car. The D15 is crap for power and torque, so unless you go bigger, you gonna stay slow.
  4. Kegger

    Another two years?

    Nope no more sol, haven't had it fir a couple years now. Now I've got a 94 hatch to play with.
  5. Kegger

    Another two years?

    Sup Ron, Jordan. Good to see y'all.
  6. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Main reason I came back is cuz of the Civic. I need non-douchebags to talk to about it. We need to bring HF back from the grave.
  7. Kegger

    Another two years?

    Sup Rick!
  8. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    That's why I fly outside, lol. But yeah, new frames are generally the easiest way to go.
  9. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Nice! I like to fly my heli in our baggage yard while we have people in it. The WTF faces are priceless.
  10. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Waiting mostly, I've got helicopter parts to buy, lol. I won't be doing much if anything to this car, drive it til it dies, then throw in a swap and keep going.
  11. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Just picked this up, my mom made the purchase and says that it's as nice as the picture in real life. Clean, no accidents, already has coilovers and exhaust, ad brand new wheels and tires.
  12. Kegger

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Holy good god almighty! It's a meeting of the OG's! Time to breathe life back into this place! I'm FINALLY getting back to my roots, hoping to pick up a mint turtle this week. Too bad it'll be July before I can drive it.
  13. Kegger

    Random Thought Thread

    Once again, I need to check in on the madness occasionally.
  14. Kegger

    Went shooting today

    Nice bangstick Rick. Not a fan of the Stark grip, but some people like it. However I do like the Vortex optic, great bit of kit for the money. Oh and your math hasn't gotten any better, 50 yards is 150 feet.
  15. Kegger

    Random Thought Thread

    Wait, Rick is in a movie???? Damnit I need to log in more....

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