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  1. ...WillSI06...

    My 8thgen Dyno Meet Numbers/Vids !

    I love it well the 2 tier speed and tach layout it turns alot of heads and i can see everything clear at all Times ! Any specific reason why you dislike a Digital Speedo ?
  2. ...WillSI06...

    My 8thgen Dyno Meet Numbers/Vids !

    TY i was very happy with the numbers and i cant wait to add a Race Header and Hondata Reflash !
  3. ...WillSI06...

    My 8thgen Dyno Meet Numbers/Vids !

    We had a 8thgen NorthEast Dyno meet and these are the numbers i put down 190HP 140TQ with just Injen sri and Skunk2 70mm Exhaust and both my runs were consistent i did 2 pulls in 4th and 1 in 3rd ! A freind with Hondata Reflash going 2 9k at the Meet -
  4. ...WillSI06...

    The Bear Mountain NY 8thgen Meet !

    This was the biggest meet i have attended since owning my SI alot of my friends were there from the forum and real life i had a blast driving there and back we all were tearing it up we had a BBQ a kickball game then a state trooper kicked us out for not having a free permit that we were supposed to have LOLZ. This is me driving behind my freind Paul ! All of us driving Up ! http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u6/2006nbpsi/Kickball012.jpg[/img] http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u6/2006nbpsi/Kickball011.jpg[/img] http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u6/2006nbpsi/Kickball009.jpg[/img] http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u6/2006nbpsi/Kickball005.jpg[/img] http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u6/2006nbpsi/Kickball001.jpg[/img] http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u6/2006nbpsi/Kickball002.jpg[/img] The Meet ! My SI all Exposed ! We Owned !
  5. ...WillSI06...

    I got the SI back from the Shop just a few Pics !

    Thanks for the comments guys yes it came out great more pic coming Soon !
  6. I got my SI out the shop last Friday i wanted to wait until i get my yellow fogs and clear my headlights to take pics but here are a few today from Work. Crispy Engine Bay FTW i clean the frame 2 LOL Navi Hack :thumbup: A few shots from me and 06blaksi's mini photo shoot this Week ! Enjoy !
  7. ...WillSI06...

    Owned by a 18 Wheeler !

    I cant buy it back its only worth like 17 or 18k it has 18k miles on it plus i still owe like 22 or 23 k on the car i hope i have gap insurance i def want a new 1 i will keep you guys updated.
  8. ...WillSI06...

    Owned by a 18 Wheeler !

    I understand but after this i don't want it back RR si with navi here i come !
  9. ...WillSI06...

    Owned by a 18 Wheeler !

    The A-Pillar is pretty bad they should total it hope.
  10. ...WillSI06...

    Owned by a 18 Wheeler !

    I was hit by a 18 wheeler last night around 12 am in Yonkers NY i was coming home from a car meet i was in the right turning lane with my blinker on. I had an 18 wheeler in the left lane next to me with no blinker on the light turns green i go then he out of now where decides to cut me off. I get sandwich between 2 poles on the right side of the car and his steel bed which was huge started crushing,smashing into my drivers side. I felt glass hitting me but i didn't get cut it was crazy the roof was caving in on me and you guys know how big are windshield is i thought was going to explode in my face. I thank god my drivers side window was down or that would have shattered in my face as well i got all his info etc he stated he couldn't see me which i understand due to his blind spot. But he didn't have his blinker on and he didn't even check the lane etc no excuse for that if he had his blinker on i would have never pulled to the side of him to turn. He said he was lost he was trying to make a u-turn he couldn't find interstate 87 etc so he was not even all there. I got all the info i needed,insurance,police report i hope it gets totaled so i can try to get a new 1 but that prob wont happen the car will never be the same now if they do fix due to this guy this is BS and i dont wish this on any 1. img]http://i99.photobucket.com/albums/l292/WildWill88/P13.jpg[/img]
  11. ...WillSI06...

    SSR headers on a 06 SI enjoy it Screams =/

    Correct it states if you get the hondata reflash with none of the suggested mods you will lose power =/
  12. ...WillSI06...

    SSR headers on a 06 SI enjoy it Screams =/

    It will run you $575 i think it depending on what dealer you get it from plus overnight shipping is an option plus you need a min of Intake,Header or Intake,Exhaust for it to give you any power it states on a stock fg2 it will lose power good luck. Here is some more info http://www.hondata.com/reflash_06_civicsi.html
  13. ...WillSI06...

    SSR headers on a 06 SI enjoy it Screams =/

    There aren't really any internal mods for the k20z3 yet plus he dosent wanna go that route plus the dc sport headers have been cracking and leaking on alot of SI owners so he went with this he is balling so money wasent the issue the quality is unmatched until something better comes out.
  14. ...WillSI06...

    SSR headers on a 06 SI enjoy it Screams =/

    LOL he was pulling from 3rd on the highway and wasent really punching it to show off the sound for everyone and there is no way your buddy is pulling harder in 1st with just an intake. 1st pulls hard for anyone in the FG2 because of the close gear ratio's with his set up it pulls alot harder then someone with just an intake. BTW the headers cost 1,200 and custom built by hand they are def high quality sick headers now with the hondata reflash its game over. No offense solleshonda but the 1st gear comment is hard to believe i have a injen sri so if anything he is pulling just as hard as me more vids coming soon with the hondata reflash.
  15. ...WillSI06...

    SSR headers on a 06 SI enjoy it Screams =/

    Its a beast bro and this is without the hondata reflash which will put vtec at 4,600 all the way to an increased 8,600rpm redline =/

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