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  1. Sorry if I was misleading, My original intentions were to buy a stock integra(any model), run it on the track to get use to the course, then upgrade tires, then upgrade and tune the suspension, THEN (probably this time next year) build a motor to put in it. I've just been trying to do a little homework before I invest. I do appreciate everyones input, Thanks.
  2. Ahhh, the F20C , Lets try narrowing the motor by: Availibilty, parts availibility, swap difficulty, and easy power gains. Although, I like the D15 idea by xxscaxx bleh , jk.
  3. Okay Thanks, Maybe hungGSR will have some words of wisedom for me.
  4. Alright, I hear 3 for B20 and 3 for B18C1, and K20A2 is falling short. I want an easy tuning well rounded motor, and something thats a relatively moderate swap. w00t
  5. I would like 300-350whp, so I plan to turbo the motor. I want this thing to run 12s, but also get around on a road course. I plan on spending around $8000 plus the car.
  6. I'm starting a new project, and I'm a newb when it comes to Honda and Acura platforms and swaps. I planning on using a 94-01 Integra platform. Its curb weight is 2530lbs. I'm not sure if I should use a H22, B16, B17, B18, K20. I need Help w00t

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