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    want to c my trouser snake

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    my intrest are many but i like cars mostly hondas cause they are the torque less wonders but u got to love them.
    my girls got to be fine
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  1. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    Well this place is a waste land now

    Haven't logged in since 2012 only to find some tumble weeds here oh laaawd
  2. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    need help engine problem 2004 crv

    Well if your problem started with the timing chain been replace I would check for proper base timing and check the head gasket could of been compromised
  3. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    Damn this still here

    How many of the old people here
  4. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    long time since i logg in

    what up people
  5. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    dpfi to mpfi

    Do i need to connect A13 an A15 to my resister box from OBD-0 plug A or just A15 should be fine to run all injectors.
  6. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    viscous lsd

    Damn this forum is dead but anyways the way i fix it was by putting the b16 diff bearings instead of the gsr ones they are surpricingly smaller.
  7. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    viscous lsd

    to run a viscous lsd in my hydro tranny do i need tepered bearings or could i rock the oem one from the open diff.
  8. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    Final results for lsvtec built

    its on a gsr tranny yeah the other day i took it for a spin the torque is amazing i just think that it needs bigger cams but thats where my new project comes in to play
  9. Nice the last ls-vtec i built which had a b18a1 bottom end with with ctr pistons arp bolts bored to 82.mm. The head was a gsr port and polished flow benched, with skunk2 flat face valves blox dual springs kms retainers blox type A cams and spring lost motion assembly skunk2 intake manifold with a 68.mm throttle body and a password jdm whale penis and a 2.5" exhaust. On Monday it got dyno at 195 hp 150 torque with a compression ratio of 13.1.0 pretty dang high lol more then i wanted to be but oh well. i would put up pictures but i got no way to put them up right now.
  10. A guy down the block from where i live has a set of b18/b16 vtec valve set. The P1 box looks legit but the valves dont what is there to look for to see if they are real buddy club race spec valves.
  11. HONDA CRX 88 SI


    Do not worry new girl Sarah i got yo back i literally got you back i like my women tight yee. wait i think that comment would make me undateable, but i dont care cause i speak the truth.
  12. HONDA CRX 88 SI


    Ok i got a p06 auto and a p06 manual i converted the auto to manual, but still i wanna know if its still different from its manual Compadre.
  13. HONDA CRX 88 SI

    obdi wiring harness

    harness do change up a bit i believe but i could be wrong but if yo engine is been ran in a del sol then its odb1
  14. HONDA CRX 88 SI


    Nice then i had it right then, but i was just a lil confused on the part that if any of the 5 gears would affect the final drive ratio if they where to be changed.
  15. HONDA CRX 88 SI


    It has had me asking the question for many years what exactly is final drive is it the teeth count of differential and the gear that drives it or what it is.

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