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    2 1/2 blunt tip exhaust
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  1. p_diesel


    does anyone know what you can do without? do you really need the evaporative emissions control canister and all of the vacum lines that run all over the place....im sure their there for a reason but ive seen pictures of modded ludes with less than half the crap that originally came on the car...im guessing they've rerouted it some how..and does anyone know where i can get a catalic converter??? thanks
  2. p_diesel

    h22a4 and h22a1

    wat up...i just got a new motor for my 97 lude..and i was wondering wat is the difference, if any, between my old motor h22a4(us) and my new one h22a1(euro)
  3. p_diesel

    fast idle valve

    hey just if there is some special way to adjust your fast idle air valve??.. cause ive adjusted it by turning the screw but it doest really make a difference
  4. p_diesel

    A/C ?

    wat up..can anyone help me with the idle for the a/c??? everytime i turn it on it doesnt idle up, it actually idles down and wants to die and sometime does.. any help with the topic would be appreciated
  5. p_diesel

    MSD ignition wires

    what color are they, how long did u use them? do you still have the box
  6. p_diesel

    MSD ignition wires

    how much are the ngk's? or how much would u want for the msd's
  7. p_diesel

    MSD ignition wires

    how much of a difference would msd spark plug wires do for my 97 lude, is there any other wires that are better or if i get the wires should i also get the distributor cap....
  8. p_diesel

    burn't/bent valve?

    alright thanks for the post... do u know of any sites or companys that sell good built heads or should i just rebuild the one i have??
  9. p_diesel

    burn't/bent valve?

    wat up! im back i've finally found out what was wrong with my idle problem i had brought up a while back....ive had i guy look at my prelude and we've dicoverd that my compression is low for my cylinders...the first 1 was 150 the 2 was 130 the 3 was 130 and the 4 was 165 is that good or bad....and what should the compression be for the 97 prelude sh/h22a????? should i replace the valve thats low or replace all the valves????? is there any places that can rebuild or u can buy built heads??any suggestions would be apreciated!
  10. p_diesel

    turboin the 97 lude

    what up, i need some help with finding a nice turbo kit for my 97 prelude sh... if any of u could give me any sugestions it would be good..cause i dont know where to start.
  11. p_diesel

    idle problem

    i still dont know if it was good or bad that my car did nothing when i disconnected the egr valve......
  12. p_diesel

    idle problem

    i checked my egr valve today... i started the car and unpluged the plugin that went into the egr valve and nothing happened the car just kept on running.. is this good or bad? i also found some cracks in my vacum lines and taped them up... but still my idle is very low and sometimes shuts off when i am trying to stop the car... any more suggestions would be great...thanks
  13. p_diesel

    idle problem

    its a 5th gen, and yep ive had it serviced
  14. p_diesel

    idle problem

    hey im new to this forum but i hope you guys could help me out! My idle on my prelude is fine when i first start the car but when drivin for a while the idle will go way down near 200 or lower rpm.... it will recover sometimes and go back up but then fall back down..and then other times it will completly shut off. I've takin it to the honda shop a couple of times and they have adjusted the idle...and it would be fine for a while but then suddenly go back to where it was...ive cleaned the the throttle body really good and have ran fuel injection cleaner through it..yet it still stays the same and im tired of trying to fight it sometimes to keep it running at a red light... if any of you know any way to fix this problem pleeeaaasssseeee post . thanks

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