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  2. steve747

    93 Accord wiper problem

    Hello. This problem is frustrating. I can be driving along and the wipers wil start working by themselves and I can't turn them off. They will turn off after 30 seconds or so. They may do this 3 or 4 a day then not again for a couple of months. I am suspecting a faulty earth but don't know where to start. Any ideas?
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  5. Jade Hawkes

    2001 Honda Civic non-vtec to vtec engine

    I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX that I unfortunately threw a rod in. I bought a vtec engine (from an ex Civic) and dropped it in. I am looking at the wiring harness but I seem to be missing some wires. I'm also having a hard time finding this particular part. Is there anything I can do to my old harness to make it work for me now?
  6. sup

    I am back!

    You rang?
  7. VR17

    I am back!

    sup, the old gang still around?
  8. Glenn9K

    1997 H22, No spark. Immo seems ok.

    Hi all! I'm new both to this forum and the world of Honda, so please bare with me and my possibly stupid questions. I've tried searching for specific info on this, but I'm not sure I'm finding the info I need. Anyway -- I have a 1997 Euro-spec Prelude with immobilizer, H22A5, manual trans. Got it real cheap because there is no spark. Immobilizer light comes on for a few seconds when turning ignition to ON, and then goes out. I can hear the fuel pump loud and clear (and it shuts off at the same time as a relay's second "click sound"). If I turn the ignition OFF, the green immo light blinks 5 times. I can smell fuel. If I try to start the car, it cranks just fine, but won't fire up. No spark (checked at cylinder 1 and by putting a grounded spark plug on the spring which normally connects the distributor with the cap (I guess I should be getting spark there that way?). Since the pump works and the engine cranks, I guess that means the immobilizer accepts my key... Is there a way for me to test if the ECU is giving "spark signal" to the coil/dizzy? I have access to test lights, voltage meters, etc. but I don't know which wires to test what at. I'm a bit confused by the wiring diagrams I find online... Most of them tell me there should be an ignition coil somewhere, but there is no "spark input connector" on the distributor cap, so I guess I have a newer variant with a coil inside the distributor or something? If I could just confirm that my Immo and ECU is OK (the ECU is a P5M-G01 btw), I could let go of the idea that I have to bypass the immo or buy a new ECU somehow... Sorry for the wall of text, //Glenn, Sweden
  9. Hello everyone,Just wondering why do I see some advertised 2005 CRV’s have amber tail lights/rectangular fog light cut outs and some have clear tail lights/round fog light cut outs? I’m guessing some are early 2005’s?Are there any differences in the drive trains or anything else?
  10. Hey Guys!! New to this forum here and recently purchased an eg shell that I will be building. I am looking to put a K20 engine but undecided on going with an RSX Type S swap or K20A Type R. A big factor will be accessibility on maintenance parts for the engine. Things like belts, alternators, starters, spark plugs etc. Obviously the RSX will be pretty easy to locate those parts from a Dealership but I was wondering if those parts are compatible on the Type R? This is a very important factor on which route I go with. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  11. We just got this car and it was idling a little low so we took the throttle body off and cleaned it . Worked good right after but since then it has been throwing a code 1129 "map higher than expected" . Anybody know what it could be? We've erased the Cade and it keeps coming back. The idle will go up to 1500 rpms sometimes and then good other times. Think I got crap in the map sensor cleaning the throttle body?
  12. Hayden Joshua Keeley

    Audio Cable

    Additionally the cable has the word "MITSUMI" on it.
  13. Hayden Joshua Keeley

    Audio Cable

    Hi Guys, I have tried to search the internet as much as possible to track down a cable that I can use to connect to my Stereo. Car is a Honda Inspire 2004. Has the Premium Audio unit. Very similar to a Honda Accord hence posting here. The car has hands free and would very much like to use it as it is integrated into the steering wheel. 1st Pic is the Stereo unit 2nd Pic is where the cable connects (One came with the car but no idea what uses that cable) 3rd Pic is the connector end for the cable that came with the car (Maybe a phone connects to this?) 4th Pic is the Square connector end that plugs into the port found in my Seat Console Any ideas / Alternative ideas to using the cable that doesn't seem to exist on the internet?
  14. Part number is 37841-PG7-006. Anyone know where to get a new or used one? My unit currently works OK. This will be a working (I hope) spare for my 88 CRX. Thanks
  15. Hi, everyone, First time poster here and new member, but was previously a member at other crv and civic forums. Saturday night a drunk driver hit and run on my 2009 crv ex while I was stopped. Rear-ended going 35-50 mph. Totaled my car. I did like the safety performance of the CRV, though. Plus, the cops chased and arrested him, which was good. That said, I need to replace it and am interested in a third row. Naturally, I'm looking at Pilots. I can't buy a new one right now due to cost, but have been looking at 2014-2016s in the 21k-26k range. I know a ton about my poor old CRV, but relatively nothing about the Pilot with respect to years to look for, what to avoid, etc, potential problems at certain milemarkes If it helps, the EX-L is what we're looking at. Any suggestions as I move forward. (I looked at the highlander but man, is that back seat cramped and useless. Came right back to Honda.) I'm pretty familiar with Honda maintenance as I did much of it on my CRV myself, so feel free to figure that in too w/ the Pilot. Thanks for your help. Really, anything is fair game, as I'm brand new to the Pilot world. Thanks in advance everyone. Looking forward to being part of the community here. Mike
  16. Before I do work, would a driver's side bucket seat from a 2005 Accord EX fit a 2013 Acura ILX? Long story but wife wanted a new car and the ILX is giving her back problems but her old 2005 Accord fits like a glove. Just wondering if all the bottom bolt holes and electric connections would be the same.Trying to keep a happy wife life then a happy life motto - Thanks
  17. Optimus7


    Here's a page to a Honda VIN Tutorial on where to locate the VIN. Hope this helps. https://www.hondapartsprime.com/service/honda-vin-number.html . You can also find great deals on genuine OEM Honda parts and accessories on the site.
  18. Optimus7

    Hi! I'm new to the forum

    Welcome to the club! I'm new here too.
  19. Optimus7


    Newbie checking in from Long Beach, California. Look forward to contributing.
  20. This problem is so common, I don't see much talk of it in most forums, but I see a least 10 to 15 each year - that's just me, within one city. What happens is, the front tires can just pull off from the joints. This for me; is the worst thing that can happen to any car, its worse than some engine problem cus you need to fix it right where I happens or you need a full size tow van. Where there any call backs for these issues? I don't think these are known in developed countries where all the roads are mostly good; but here; we have bad roads, the only vehicle that does this ar are the Hondas! I think this is something very very serious. I've seen Hondas in more accidents than any other model, and I think it's due to this. It comes with little information, happens to even fairly good condition. I started taking pictures of this when I see them; I've seen I happen to even elderly women out to work in the morning. Is there any known fix for this?
  21. nativehwn

    2000 Honda Civic EX - Grease nipples

    When performing maintenance what parts/items need to be greased and how often? ie; bearings, knuckles, grease bearing locations, etc.
  22. Dont know if this is where i post for motorcycles, i didnt see a secrion, feel free to move it to the appropriate section please. I have a 1981 honda cb900c My issue has been seen my supposedly a verified honda motorcycle dealer. My issue is it has a hard starting issues, dies on me at lights and i have to constantly adjust the knob below the carb bank only while it is warming up to get it to stop either dying or idling way to high, 1.5 to 2k rpm. During warm days its a pain to start it and during cold days its impossible. One of the other things i noticed is it fouls out spark plugs very easily. I can replace all the spark plugs, and then it will start ok but not fantastic then i let it cool down then i have to replace the plugs for it to start again. The honda dealer tuned the carbs and says there is nothing wrong with the bike that they are just extremely cold blooded but if i am killing my battery just trying to get it to turn over for a few seconds there is something wrong and the business i was involved with is not there anymore so i am at a loss. Please help. Thanks.
  23. I have a 2008 Honda Odyssey an am seeing an sporadic issue for the last 1 ½ years. Let me give you a background on the issue. During fall and spring this issue happens quite often. When it gets cold I cannot open my car using my remote but works fine when I use the Key. At that time the doors and my Indicators also do not work. This problem persists for sometime and after sometime this corrects by itself. I have taken this to the dealer 3 times and he did not see any issues with this. One time during my Dealers visit this corrected by itself and the other time even after he did an inspection he could not find anything. I am sure you must have had some issues like this before and would know the solution for this. Any help in this direction would be highly appreciated. This is my wife’s car and when this problem starts happening I start driving the car. I am the first owner and have been doing all my services through the dealer. Also, would like to add this is my 3rd Honda. I have had a 2001 Honda Accord and also a 2014 Honda CRV.
  24. calli8

    air idle control valve issue

    On my 97 civic, the AICV was replaced. It was fine for a few days and check engine light came on but it wasn't running that bad. Although i noticed it would sometimes downshift hard like the idle was staying too high when I would let off the gas. The code indicated AICV system. So shop replaced it again. Now it's been fine for about 4 days and CEL is on again and it's not running well at all. Kicking when it shifts and engine almost shaking. ( my daughter drives it away at college). Shop said if CEL comes on again it might be wiring to the AICV ?? I think they are missing something. Any ideas.?
  25. Jjbagoose

    Starter issues

    I have a 2000 Honda Civic si that wont start. I have changed the starter, the battery, and the relay. Starter is getting 5 volts. But battery is getting 12 what is going on
  26. Marko_AF

    2012 EX-L Subwoofer question...

    Hey all, I apologize if this question has been posted before. I searched the forum, but did not see anything that answered my question. I am looking to increase the bass in my system. I do not want ground breaking, window shattering sound just a fuller bass sound. Will it work if I purchase either a bass/amp combo unit or make a box with amp and just connect it to the speaker wires from the existing 8" subwoofer in the trunk? Is there any danger of damaging the stock system this way? Thank you. Marko_AF
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